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Welcome to the New Blog

On my other blog Thoughts From a Fostering Family I have periodically debated separating posts about foster care from posts about everything else. I’m finally doing it for two reasons.

1. I’ve already drafted the last post for Thoughts From a Fostering Family. It will go up after the adoption and will contain pictures of the whole family. Knowing myself, I think it will be likely that I will still write posts there every now and then, but some people find that blog when they are searching for information about fostering. After the adoption I just won’t be writing that sort of blog anymore.

2. The reason for doing it now is that I am about to go spend over 3 weeks with my mother. I may need to blog about that, and it just doesn’t belong on the foster-care blog. Mom is having a lobectomy and is going to need some help for a while.The good news is that because of previous health issues she has been having PT scans regularly and so they found the cancer very early. The bad news is, of course, that she has lung cancer. No sympathy! I am dealing with this by being matter-of-fact and expressions of sympathy disrupt my carefully maintained selective denial. You should be forewarned that I tend to use dark humor to cope with things. If something here is funny, I probably intended it to be.

Anyway, my mother has no internet connection, but I am taking my laptop along and hoping I will find one. She lives in a tiny town south of Altoona, Pensylvannia. The county library is close. They have 8 (count ’em! eight!) terminals that people can use for limited amounts of time. I don’t know that they have a wireless signal. Right now I am still hoping that one of the neighbors will have a unlocked signal that I can piggy back on. If not, well, I won’t be posting very often I guess.

So this blog will be about whatever. It will, in fact, be the sort of blog I don’t typically read. It might turn out to just be a place where I stay in touch with friends and family I already have. That’s fine. We’ll see what happens.

I will be replacing that photo in the header.


10 Responses

  1. I have been surprised at the number of places that have Wi-Fi. Here’s hoping you too will be surprised!

  2. I went to college in a Tiny town south of Altoona…wonder if its the same town

    Wishing you all the best in your denial!

  3. I hope you will be able to blog. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Does your mom have cable? My husband stayed with his Mom for a month (she, too, was undergoing cancer treatment). They were able to get a cable modem for just a month for regular rates and return it without penalty by saying he was there taking care of his Mom with cancer. He couldn’t survive without the internet (he games, and was also taking care of 3 children while taking care of his Mom so that was his break each night) so we would have paid for her to have the cable modem for a year if we’d had to. But we didn’t. Anyway, something to try.

  5. I totally understand the “no sympathy” remark! I’m the same way…can be strong and in control as long as no one is “nice” to me!

    Will be keeping you and your mom in my thoughts, though. Have a safe trip.

  6. My MIL has recently been dx’d with bone cancer. We could compare notes and see which one has the least pain, most cards or floral arrangements, and the best meds. Afterall, we need to find some entertainment in all this chaos.

  7. Thanks for continuing to blog! I’ve found your Fostering Family blog very useful as our family eased into being a foster family, and perhaps some day an adoptive family. Your concurrency of parenting and fostering and academic professional have been encouraging to me. And I always enjoy your writing and perspectives!

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