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Post from the mountains

There is a place that sells ice tea and has free wireless on the route between Mom’s house and the hospital. You may have seen them. There are these big golden arches everywhere.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Well, there is no unsecure signal that I can piggy back on here at Mom’s house. There is one really strong signal, with a very cute name, but I don’t have the password. Sigh. So I am writing this in word and will just have to publish it when I can.

I called Mom in the hospital. She said that she was up in the chair and she wasn’t supposed to be doing anything (presumably like talking), and she would call me back after they changed the sheets. That was half an hour ago. Mom’s friend, Jan, said that Mom did the same thing to her earlier today: said she would call back and then didn’t. That time it was because she needed to use the bathroom. So who knows what is up with that? Jan says that it could be related to the pain meds, or it could just be Mom feeling irritable.

In any case, Jan works night shifts and will drop by to see Mom on her way in. I’ll go in the morning. All the reports are that she is doing really well.

Meanwhile I am here in Mom’s home alone. It is so quiet. There is the hum off the air conditioner, but that is all. There are no husbands or young men noisily walking around, no computer games sounds coming from another room, no idiotic TV show blaring, and no pets. Just me. Just quiet.

At the moment it sort of feels wonderful.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Yesterday I called my aunt, the one who wants to help and tends to wear people out. Often her help is more draining than helpful. I arranged to have dinner with her today. I asked, “Do you want to come over here, or should we eat at your house.” She responded, “Oh, let’s go there. It will be much easier for you than bring food here to cook.”

And that, my friends, is my aunt.

We did have dinner together. She even brought a salad. Then she drove me to her Y (about half a mile away) so that I could get find out if I could go there while I am here, since I am a member at home and all. It turns out that new people can have 14 free visits before signing up, so that won’t be an issue. Then I asked her to stop by a grocery store on the way home. I think I’ve made her feel useful enough for a while.

I signed up for navigation on my phone while I am here. It has been less successful than one might hope. Oh it took me to the “Regional Medical Center” where there was a phone in the lobby which connected me to a woman who nicely told me that my mother was in room 1412. I went to the elevator and there were only 6 floors. The sign explaining what was where didn’t give any indication of patient rooms at all. I rode the elevator, getting off floors and looking for someone, anyone who could help me. Finally someone pushing racks of food trays (or something) got in the elevator and told me that I was in the wrong building. The Medical Center is actually a collection of facilities and I had to go “all the way across town” to get there. (It’s a small town; I was not as put out and she seemed to think I would be.)

Anyway, I got there. On the way back though I thought I would drop by the local Tar-jey. I got directions until I was told to turn right on “Charlie Road” (not the actual name). Charlie Road was right where it should be. I turned and was told to drive 3 miles. After three miles it told me I had reached my destination.

I was on a tiny road between two farms.

I used it to direct me home. I went as it told me to, but it still claimed to be recalculating the route. The most ridiculous was when I was almost home. I turned down the road and was pulling up to my mom’s house when it suddenly claimed to be “recalculating route.” I turned it off.

Mom is doing well. I spent 6 hours in her room today. I told her that all I had to do today was read and it was cooler in the hospital than in her house. She dozed off a few times, but mostly she wanted to chat. After a few days there, she is getting lonely. She is also frustrated that she isn’t being allowed to move around more.

I had intended to be more entertaining than this, but I’m tired. I’ll write more later.i


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