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Day Four

Well, fourth day for me. Mom had surgery on Friday so I guess this is day 7 for her. The do-hickey the chest tubes go into still bubbles a tiny bit when she coughs, which means there is a small leak, which means that her lung might/would collapse if they were to take the tubes out, which means we will be here for at least two more days. The absolute earliest that she can go will be 24 hours after the chest tube comes out.

But everything else is getting better. She has a pain med that is working. They took out the cath, and we went for her longest walk yet. The chest tubes are the only thing she is still hooked up to.

I keep thinking that I want to be able to take her home, but then I tell myself that I shouldn’t be in a hurry. There is just more that I will have to do for her when I get her home. I won’t be able to sit here and do nothing but read and fiddle on the internet.

Actually, I should try to do something like real work, but I’m not.


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