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Mom, the Rain and Me

Mom: Tell me if it starts raining.


Me: It’s raining (yelled from kitchen while baking previously requested brownies)

Mom: What?


Oh…something, something, windows


something, windows… shut

I walk to living room: What did you say?

Mom: The windows should be shut, but leave them open just an inch or two.

Okay (I start to go upstairs)

Mom: don’t something, something

after going back to the living room: What did you say?

Mom: Don’t shut the windows in the guest bed room, the rain never goes in there.


I get half way up the stairs. She says something but this time I just walk back to ask her to repeat it.

Mom: And leave my fan in my window unless it rains real hard

I go upstairs, the rain gets harder so I yell: MOM, Look out the door. Is that “real hard?”

Mom: What?


Mom: Wait a minute.

Mom, at bottom of the stairs: What did you say dear?

Me: is this rain “real hard”? Should I take down the fan?

Mom: Oh, I don’t think so.

I come down stairs to continue to work on brownies. Mom comes in a minute later looking apologetic

Mom: I guess you should take the fan out of my window.

I run up stairs, remove fan from her window and shut same. Return to kitchen.

I’m sorry to put you to so much trouble.

It’s okay. It would help if either of us could hear well though.

Aren’t you feeling well?

True Story.


2 Responses

  1. That’s hilarious. I forget to click over here to read. Keep waiting on new post on other blog. Will take getting used to. Glad your mom is getting better. Though perhaps you both should get your hearing checked. LOL

  2. My MIL and my husband are both extremely hard of hearing. My MIL wears state of the art doodads in her ears that work great, when she puts the batteries in. My hubby refuses to admit there is a problem even when his mom tries to force him into reality. The worst conversations are when they try to talk on the phone. It is so hard not to laugh at them. He will mention he is hurting in his leg but managing and she thinks he is thinking about getting more kids. If only she would learn to text.

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