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I am in the last week of my stay with my mom. Though she is getting better every day, she is worried about my leaving. There isn’t anything that she needs to do that she can’t do, but she still has little to no stamina. By the time she prepares a meal, she is too tired to eat. So I told her to think of all the things she wants caught up on before I go.

Today I stripped her bed, remade it, and washed the sheets. Mom helped me get the top sheet and blanket straight, but otherwise she just watched … and told me to stop making it looks so easy. Afterwards I went to the basement to wash them, and she said, trying to sound like she was joking, that she needed to rest for a little while. She did.

The real excitement of the morning came when I was hanging sheets out on the line (with Mom’s supervision, of course). Somehow I locked the screen door on the way out, which the hidden key does not open. Mom’s windows all have safety thingys that keep them from being opened more than a few inches. This is of course to prevent break-ins. we appeared to be well and truly locked out. Mom pretended to be calm. I’m pretty sure she was trying to figure how expensive it would be to replace the screen in the door. Fortunately one of the kitchen windows didn’t have the safety thingy on. So I got the ladder and climbed in.

Mom was later impressed because I had put the ladder away before she even thought to check up on it.

I really can imagine living with her indefinitely, but one of us would have to move across the country. I can’t move here unless I retire, which I’m not going to do. If she moves to me she would be leaving her sisters, best friend, and community. Besides, she would have to live where I do and she really doesn’t like that idea.

Ah well, I can trust her to make the decisions she needs to.

Last night I sat on the back porch for a while and for a while the bunnies and the fire flies were out. Earlier I saw a chickadee and goldfinch. We have none of these things at home. We do have marmots. I have a soft spot for them, but even I will admit that bunnies are far cuter.


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  1. Would it help to line up some kind of home maker help for a few wks while she regains strength? (for after you leave of course!) In our area and in my mom’s state there are a # of good agencies. When my mom broke her ankle I spent weeks making a 2.5 hour drive with the tribe (one way) to do shopping, cleaning and other house things Eventually we hooked up one of those services and it was great because I could back off the amount of travel we needed to do (and like your mom, mine has a circle of friends she is not willing to leave) We have kept it in place even though she really doesn’t need the lady as much now. But I can remind her that Tosh can climb up and change lite bulbs, curtains etc and worry less about her trying to do things where she could hurt herself.

    • It’s a good thought. I’ll talk to her about it.

      She already agreed that she will have to hire people to help her if she wants to stay in her home as long as possible.

  2. Just followed you over. I enjoy your writing. So, even though I’m part of the crowd that found you because you were fostering teens, I’ll likely pop in to read periodically.

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